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Gender Typing

gender typing- taking on a traditionally masculine or feminine role.

cb-4-0011-gender typing

Ah, hunting. Nothing shows how brave and tough you are like killing mammals who have yet to grasp the concept of tools with advanced weaponry. From a distance. While hiding.


Social Learning Theory

social learning theory- theory that we learn social behavior by observing and imitating and being rewarded or punished.

cb-4-0009-social learning theory

I’ll bet someone, somewhere, tried to jump off a multistory building into a haystack after playing Assassin’s Creed.



androgyny- combining traditionally male or female characteristics.


I don’t always cook for the family, but when I do I grill t-bone steaks until rare.


Y Chromosome

y chromosome- male sex chromosome, only found in males.

cb-4-0004-y chromosome

If I don’t notice significant amounts of dirt during daily life in my home, I consider the house to be clean. My mom disagrees.



gender- in psychology, the biologically and socially influenced characteristics by which members of a society define male and female.


If I ever open a restaurant, it will be Labyrinth-themed and I will use this bathroom structure. The guests I attract won’t mind because they’ll already know the right answer.



maturation- biological growth processes leading to orderly changes in behavior independent of experience.


It sneaks up on you. One day you’re a normal kid and the next you find yourself making decisions demonstrating good judgement. For example, when my brother wanted an Xbox 360, I didn’t  against buying one. We already had lots of video games for our PC and I didn’t see the point. The strange thing was that even if I was right and it was a total waste of money for something we barely used in favor of our pre-existing device, no one would not be negatively impacted. The worst that could happen was that my parents spent $300 on a TV stand decoration. I put a significant amount of energy into opposing something not because of any potential negative consequence, but simply because I felt it was a bad idea. Moreover, the idea I was arguing against was “Let’s buy more video games.” It was a very odd experience.






zygote- the fertilized egg, it enters into a phase of rapid division and develops into an embryo.


e^x cells for a zygote which divides exponentially forever.