Type A

type A- Friedman and Roseman’s term for competitive, hard driving, impatient, verbally aggressive, and anger prone people.

cb-10-0017-type A

Adaptation-Level Phenomenon

adaptation-level phenomenon- our tendency to form judgements relative to a neutral level defined by past experiences. We rate our current status based on what we consider to be an average level of well being.

cb-9-0022-adaptation level phenomenon

Feel-Good, Do-Good Phenomenon

feel-good, do-good phenomenon- our tendency to be helpful when a good mood.

cb-9-0020-feel good do good phenomenon

I feel sorry for telemarketers. Their job is trying to sell things to people who are more likely to shout at them than to buy anything, so I try to be polite.



catharsis- emotional release. The catharsis hypothesis maintains that “releasing” aggressive feelings relieves negative urges.


Superheroes don’t seem to understand that prison isn’t a long-term solution for supervillians. You would think that Batman would change his tactics after the Joker broke out of Arkham for the 12th time.



polygraph machine measuring body responses such as perspiration, heart rate, and breathing. This information is sometimes used to predict lies.


Polygraphs aren’t that accurate as subjects are also stressed by the interrogation process, so information gained from polygraph tests isn’t admissible in court.



emotion- a response of the whole organism, involving 1) bodily arousal 2) expressive behaviors and 3) conscious experience.



Automatic Processing

automatic processing- unconscious encoding of everyday information; such as space, time, frequency, and well learned word meanings.

cb-7-0009-automatic processing

You can hear a word once and remember it for the rest of your life, but names? You can hear them five times in one conversation and still not remember them. I occasionally forget the names of good friends.